LANSING (Great Lakes News) – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer used her executive authority to amend the enforcement of the no-fault insurance reform legislation she signed in June. Director of the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services Anita G. Fox issued a Director’s Order postponing the $250,000 cap on personal injury protection established by the legislation per the governor’s request.

Whitmer promised to make the change while in a closed-door meeting with advocates opposing the law. According to John Cornack, president of the Eisenhower Center which provides care for those who suffer brain injuries, Whitmer promised to use her powers to return complete coverage to auto accident survivors. Whitmer was reportedly moved by stories of life-altering injuries going untreated since she signed the law.

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Cornack said the governor’s actions were to “help soften the outcome of the new law” and postpone its provisions. Previously, the law phased out no-fault coverage in preparation for its full effects in July, 2020. CPAN (Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault) reportedly “thanked her for her actions.”

“This is a very good sign that the governor cares about the damage that’s been done by this bill to so many,” said John Gwynne Prosser II, President of the Neurotrauma Association. “It’s a good first step.”

The law’s full effects, including the $250,000 cap on personal injury protection, will be implemented on July 1, 2020. Activists will march in Lansing on Wednesday protesting the law and urging its reexamination before the July start date.