SAGINAW (MIRS News) – A self-proclaimed “real life government medium psychic” is taking a second run for Michigan’s 94th House seat.

Democrat Kevin C. Seamon has raised no money for his campaign thus far, according to documents the Committee to Elect Kevin C. Seamon filed with the Secretary of State this month.

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Instead, Seamon filed with the Bureau of Elections three hand-written pages explaining that he has no privacy because his computer has been hacked; he’s been “illegally wiretapped by the Republican Party in Saginaw”; and he is in a “real life government assassin program” whose role is like movie character James Bond 007, except he’s “196.”

When asked about his background today, Seamon told MIRS: “It’s highly classified. I can talk about, but it’s about one of those things where the government doesn’t like to admit to everything. I’m out in the open for a number of years about what I do. People in Saginaw know me.”

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In his statement to the Bureau of Elections, Seamon wrote, “They are attacking me because I design things that are worth astronomical amounts of money.” In the next sentence he wrote, “I am a union-supporting Democrat.”

Seamon, who ran unsuccessfully against Republican Tim Kelly in 2016, also compared his abilities to fictional Marvel Comics character Professor Charles Francis Xavier from X-Men, saying he has the “telekinesis ability with certain people,” although “it’s not like I can go up to you and read your mind.”

As the conversation moved to politics, the 1996 Swan Valley High School graduate said his political aspirations began at age 18 while attending Delta College where he aspired to be a stockbroker. However, his path turned to politics.

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Seamon, who says he earned an associates from Delta and a bachelor’s degree in banking and financial management from Northwood University, believes the “cost of government is skyrocketing faster than we can bring money in,” and he hopes, if elected, to push a jobs-heavy and education-heavy agenda.

“I’m trying to create jobs, a lot of jobs,” he said, explaining that he’s designed “companies and products worth . . . an astronomical amount of money,” which has led to “people trying to bump me off.”

Seamon said one goal as a possible freshman lawmaker is to “be the head of the Democrats on the House floor.”

“If I got turned down, I would be shocked,” he said. In 2016, he ran against Rep. Tim Kelly for the 94th House seat and lost 65 to 35 percent.

As of today, Seamon, who filed his candidacy in June, is the only person to indicate an interest in running for the seat. Incumbent Rep. Rodney Wakeman (R-Saginaw) has until April to file.

He closed his letter to the Bureau of Elections by saying, “If something happens to me, you will know why. They have attacked my brothers, my parents, my wife, my best friend, my witnesses in my FBI case and others. They are now attacking former Vice President Joe Biden. This is all real.”

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