DETROIT (Great Lakes News) – A consultant investigation into the summer flooding that backed up into Detroit area basements revealed a brownout at a pumping station “played a large role.”

Ed Hogan, vice president of the civil engineering firm Wade Trim, presented the firm’s findings to the the Great Lakes Water Authority board this week. The presentation summarized events surrounding the July 16 storm that soaked the region just weeks after late June downpours pelted Metro Detroit.

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The Conner Creek pump station in Detroit had a strong power supply during the July storm, but the presentation to the GLWA board noted Detroit’s Freud and Bluehill pump stations had “weak” power supplies.

The impact of the poor power quality, the presentation notes, lead to unintended pump stoppages or pump trips at the Freud station during June 25 and 26 rain events, which delayed GLWA’s ability to get the third pump running.

After the late June floods, Gov. Gretchen said, “This is a confluence of decades of underinvestment, and climate change. I think it’s important that as we move forward we continue to work on both fronts,” Whitmer said.