ONTONAGON, Mich. (Great Lakes News) – The Norwich Bluffs in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula promises a colorful treat during fall.

Visitors and residents alike make their way to the Porcupine Mountains during the fall season when the leaves set the hills ablaze for color tours. That tour usually includes a stop to drink in the view of the Lake of the Clouds and then drive along the south Boundary Road to visit the waterfalls at the western end of the Porkies. Among the often-overlooked attractions in the area are Bonanza Falls, the Union Mine Trail and the beautiful Norwich Bluffs.

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The bluffs are part of the iron range and are off the beaten path.  There is a parking area at the base of the cliff and a hiking trail to make your way to the top.  Portions of this trail are steep, but the payoff is worth it.  There are spectacular views; history buffs can enjoy the ancient mines.  Caution is recommended since the old mines can be treacherous.

The Ontonagon Scenic Drive at Michigan Back Roads covers much of Ontonagon Country.  Following this route will lead to great scenery and fun destinations in all seasons.