• Katie Heid

Continuing Coverage: Striking UAW Members Prepared to Stick It Out

Both the UAW and General Motors are back to the bargaining table, but neither side is anywhere close to a deal.

Flint Assembly Plant workers picket outside their job site this week. Credit: Jake May/The Flint Journal via AP.

FLINT (Great Lakes News) - It’s the second full day of the United Auto Workers union strike against General Motors, and workers say they’re willing to sacrifice in the short term to get long term benefits.

Talks between the UAW and the automaker fizzled late Sunday night. The union wants better wages and benefits; GM said it offered a fair package which included those demands, in addition to thousands of new jobs.

Some workers hit the picket line Sunday afternoon in anticipation of the midnight strike deadline.

The strike is costly for both sides. GM is expected to lose more than $1 million every hour the strike continues; the strike will cost the UAW $12.5 million a week.


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